St. Patrick’s Day

Dear Canada,

It’s great how everyone makes a huge deal of St. Patrick’s Day here.  Green everywhere: clothes, novelty hats, beads.  And so much merriment (even when tipsy or drunk, everyone is so civilised)!  I have never celebrated Paddy’s Day before, but I don’t mind the idea of going to the pub for some good cheer and a drink or two.  Back in England, it was no big deal – well, at least not in my city (unless I missed something major) and I have no Irish heritage that I’m aware of.

A lot of Canadians do have Irish heritage, so I guess that’s why it is a very big deal over here which is awesome.  I had a normal day; went to a Poetry meet-up (as you do), met some awesome people.  After that had finished, it was dark and I was hungry so needed to hop onto the nearest streetcar (tram) to get some decent food.

As the streetcar arrived, I pulled my Presto card (like the Oyster card – you load it with money and tap to travel) out of my pocket, looking intently for the usual place to ‘tap-on’.  It was covered with a bag because…travel was FREE!  I had heard rumours, but I never believed them – free travel? – ha! I scoffed.  Canada – 1 — Natasha – 0

To discourage drink driving – you offer free travel on holidays (on certain lines).  How amazing is that?  Unless I am mistaken, I have never heard of anything like this in the UK.  This is a much better deterrent for all of those too easily tempted because they’re worried about how they’ll get home.

I feel like the UK has a  lot to learn.  Maybe things will get better when they get a hot Prime Minister too.

With love,


P.S. Just noticed I use brackets an awful lot.  (Does this annoy you?)



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