Snow Problem!

Dear Canada,

One of the things I was most excited for: snow.  You get a lot of snow and it actually settles!

The last time I recall being calf deep in snow in the UK was 2007.  That was awesome because I got sent home from work early.  Canadians are such troopers though; things don’t close on account of a little snow.  It does make Brits seem wet, but we are not as prepared.  You guys have winter tyres for your cars; snow shovels; snow plows with salt sprinklers attached.  Canadians even take responsibility on clearing the foot paths in front of their houses (this wouldn’t happen in the UK; residents would probably fold their arms and leave it to the council).

The day I arrived, I was hoping to step out of the airport into a winter wonderland.  It was certainly winter, the winds were like icy blades across my face but there was no snow, only some leftover mounds.  It didn’t take long for my wish to come true because a day or two later, it began to snow.  Really snow.

It snows all day here and into the night.  Waking up and looking out onto an expanse of white makes me feel like a snow queen.  I even had the opportunity to shovel.  Which was fun at first but really kills my back in my [slowly getting] older age.

I recently saw snowflakes for the first time in years, I was beginning to wonder if they were actually real; so complex, delicate and beautiful.

Occasionally, there’s snowfall back in the UK but very rarely settles.  Even if it does, it’s usually gone by the next day.  Of course, the moment I move to Canada, my home country becomes a winter wonderland: schools close and pipes burst and I see a flurry of photos on my social media of the populace having fun in the snow.

My favourite thing about the winter weather here?  I’m glad you asked – I like to call it the crème brûlée snow.  Now, freezing rain I appreciate for many is terrible and dangerous.  But when it falls on top of snow and forms a crunchy layer on top it feels like delicious crème brûlée for my feet.  I cannot explain the satisfaction gained and I do not mind if I look like a child jumping into the snow on the streets.

If it’s not too much to ask, I would love one more big snow (that doesn’t inconvenience anyone)…

With love,





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