Dear Canada, With Love

Who am I?

That is a question I ask myself a lot during my existential crisis times.  It also immediately makes me think of Zoolander:

Image result for zoolander who am i

Today is a good day and  I can confirm that my name is Natasha, I am on the wrong side of twenty five but have been given the opportunity of my lifetime…

I come from a family of static home-bods, never moving too far from our city even though we complain daily about how much we hate it.  It was briefly made famous by Buzzfeed and you can read the article here:

In the past, I had flirted with the idea of moving to London, but nothing materialised – I guess that if I really wanted it to happen, I could have made it happen – but I got comfortable.  And then I got swept off my feet so high, I ended up in Canada.

Why Canada?

A three week visit in summer 2017 and I fell in love with the country (and was already in love with someone who decided to return to Canada after a stint in the UK).  Usually when I go on holiday, I have a great time but after a couple of weeks, I’m ready to return home.  For the first time, I did not want to go home and so began my plan of returning as soon as possible, for as long as possible.


Cutting a long story extremely short in a hope that you will read on: the UK police were able to confirm I was not a criminal and I paid money to have that printed on some card with a hologram on for Immigration.   Immigration soon sent me a letter saying I seem to be fine for a Visa but the officers at the airport will have the final say as to whether they think I’m a dodgy character or not.

24th January 2018, I touched down at Toronto Pearson International Airport, and after a couple of hours, received the stamp of approval!  So, I am now a temporary resident of Canada.  I never thought in any of my multiverse lifetimes that this would ever happen!  Little me from a little known city living in another country.

What has any of this got to do with a blog?

It didn’t take me long to begin marvelling at all the differences between the UK and Canada – the banal, the mundane and also the ones that made me titter.   So I thought, why not be like every other person and write a blog?  I have nothing to lose, maybe some dignity (if I had any in the first place).  It was just an embryo of an idea, and then I was encouraged to definitely do it.

And here we are, my blog, a series of love letters to Canada.





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